Typeknitting is a methodical plugin for typographic knitting. It explores the graphic potential of various knitting techniques, from Fair Isle, slip-stitch, and shadow knitting, to modular patchwork knitting.

Opening a dialogue between digital typography and the analog craft of knitting, Typeknitting turns to knitters working with text, and visual creators going physical. Typeknitting activities include Workshops, Patterns, Prototypes, Manuals, Books and hand or machine knit Editions.

Are you a Type Foundry, Yarn Maker, Art Director, Pattern Designer, Conceptual Knitter or Clothing Brand, and interested in textile lettering? Say hello!


The Typeknitting book shows several prototypic approaches to typographic knitting. Its central methodology lies on the construction of single letters.

Additional projects like pullovers, scarf, mittens or hat show specific use cases. This includes modified patterns by Helloyarn, Butzeria and Woollythoughts, as well as new patterns. As graphic ressources, the book contains 32 knittable typefaces from type foundries like Bold Monday, Emigre, Lineto, Nouvelle Noire and Typotheque.

The Typeknitting book is available in German, English and French.

»Pixel, Patch und Pattern.
Rüdiger Schlömer

Verlag Hermann Schmidt
ISBN: 978-3-87439-905-0

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»Typographic Knitting.
From Pixel to Pattern«
Rüdiger Schlömer
(English translation)

Princeton Architectural Press
ISBN: 978-1-61689-854-0

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»Tricot graphique.
Motifs, modèles et grilles
typographiques à tricoter«
Rüdiger Schlömer
(French translation)

Editions Eyrolles
ISBN: 978-2-212-67878-9

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Editorial Reviews

Vogue Knitting (Holiday 2019)
“For word and graphic design nerds this may be one of the coolest knitting books, ever… This intelligent volume with its strong design focus offers a new way to think about knit stitches, proportion, and the countless ways our medium can articulate a message.“

Franklin Habit / Modern Daily Knitting:
“Type designers live to help people communicate with each other. To see how one of them has chosen to communicate the craft we love is a revelation.”
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Loret Karman / De Amsterdamse Steek:

The worlds of typography and knitting brought together. The book is just a start. Were it will grow when typographers and knitters are putting their knowledge about our crafts together, is hard to imagine. This book gives us a good starting point and gave me a lot of inspiration.”
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TDC’65 2019 Communication Design Judge’s Choice by Eddie Opara:
“When opening the book, behold the incredible surprises that wait! You are taken into an alternative culture of typography that is knitted! The different stitching techniques are endless and transformative. The open, playful, thought-provoking, effortless, enterprising, and dynamic qualities are profound. You relish the fact that every design is made by hand. The end results are awe-inspiring. It brings life to modularity and systems. After viewing this book, you have to ask yourself, why do you sit at your computer, hour after hour? Are you really making something that is tangible?”
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Knitscene Magazine:
“This book is perfect for the literary knitters of the world, delightfully combining letters and fiber into one art form.”

Publishers Weekly:
“Museum curator and graphic designer Schloemer’s appealingly photographed and artfully laid-out guide charts a rigorous course for knitters interested in converting various texts and typefaces into knitted items. (…)  Knitters will find either stirring encouragement to further explore the genre he introduces, or a forbidding warning against venturing into it.

Zuzana Licko, Emigre Fonts:
“Now that pixels are becoming invisibly small on our computer screens, it’s time to bring bitmaps full circle, back to their function as building blocks of material that you can keep, and, in this case, that can keep you warm. Typographic Knitting covers it all, in glorious detail.”

Craft Gossip:
“It’s quite an inspirational book that is sure to get you thinking about different ways to leave your mark with text on your knitting projects.”

The Knitter (UK):
“For knitters and designers interested in the art of typography, this handsome book shows how modern typefaces can be converted to knitting patterns in creative and surprising ways. (…) more unexpected techniques include slip stitch pixelated patterns for a ‘dot matrix’ effect, modular patchwork to build large-scale lettering, diagonal stripes, and illusion knitting.”

Novum World of Graphic Design (03.19) / Herbert Lechner:
»Wird es künftig um Wraps per Inch statt um Pica Point gehen, werden wir statt von Bold von Bulky sprechen? Sollte sich Rüdiger Schlömers Typeknitting durchsetzen, besteht durchaus die Möglichkeit, Typografie mit ganz anderen Mitteln zu verstehen

Innovative, insightful and playful, the book challenges the readers to learn to knit a variety of typefaces modeled on digital designs by well-known type foundries including Emigre, Lineto, Parachute, and Typotheque (…)
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Design Preis Schweiz 2019/20 , Comments of the nominators:
“Even if DIY is currently very popular: The idea of combining knitting and typography with each other is something one would normally not come up with. The author is successful in a convincing way of making an approach that initially appears unthinkable into something plausible.
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Awards / Nominations:

«Certificate of Typographic Excellence»
from Type Directors Club NYC, TDC’65

Nominee for Design Preis Schweiz 2019/20 «Communication Design»




Typeknitting patterns are developed in collaboration with various knitting and type designers. All previous patterns are contained in the Typeknitting book, more will follow on Ravelry

Anti Alias Alphabet

The Anti Alias Alphabet is based on enlarged 10pt-screenshots of the typeface Helvetica, developed by Swiss type designer Max Miedinger in 1957. The letters were translated into repeat patterns for Stranded (2-color) knitting. The pattern can also be adapted for Marling or Patchwork Knitting.

The Anti Alias Alphabet celebrates an imperfect, post-digital interpretation of Anti-Aliasing and bridges it with Johannes Gutenberg invention of movable type. Add some long-needed cosyness to Helvetica and turn your couch into a Movable Type Playground!

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Typographic Mittens

These Typographic Selbu Mittens are an adaptation of Generic Norwegian Mittens by Adrian Bizilia.The pattern contains yarn cryptography: Morse code and Braille is placed on the side and bottom.

︎ Free Pattern

Double-Face Hat

This Typeknitting Double-Face Hat is an adaptation of the pattern The Unexpected by Meret Buetzberger. Use the blank pattern for personal adaptation.

︎ Free Pattern


Typeknitting workshops explore an intuitive combination of analog and digital tools and techniques. This includes basic knitting techniques (slip-stich, patchwork, shadow knitting), on- and offline prototyping, pattern and typeface modifation. If possible, local knitters are involved as technical mentors, to start an ongoing dialogue.


Workshops & Presentations:


Workshop (DE)
Sa, 15.4.2023
Swiss Yarn Festival, Zweidlen-Glattfelden, CH

Workshop (DE)
So, 16.4.2023
Swiss Yarn Festival, Zweidlen-Glattfelden, CH

Workshop (DE)
Typografisches Stricken
in der Ausstellung Haettenschweiler von A bis Z
Sa, 28.1.2023, 14–16.30 Uhr
Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich (Toni-Areal)

Workshop (DE)
Typografisches Stricken
in der Ausstellung Haettenschweiler von A bis Z
Sa, 14.1.2023, 14–16.30 Uhr
Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich (Toni-Areal)


Online Workshop (EN)
»Typographic Knitting: A Stitch-by-Stitch Introduction«
Sat, Jun 4, – Sun, Jun 12, 2022
10:00am–1:00pm PT (19.00–22.00 h CET)
Type West Public Workshop
Online Workshop at Letterform Archive

Workshop (CH/D)
»Typografisches Stricken mit Patches«
So 23.01.22, 11:00 – 12:30 Uhr
Gewerbemuseum Winterthur


Student Workshop
»Typeknitting Lab«
Design Institute Textile Department
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest
18.–21. Oct 2021

»Typeknitting with Patches / Typeknitting with Slipstitches«
2. & 3. Oct. 2021, Knit Eat Festival Lyon, France

Online-Workshop (D)
»Typografisches Stricken mit Hebemaschen«
27. Mar 2021, Gewerbemuseum Winterthur

Online-Workshop (D)
»Typografisches Stricken mit Hebemaschen«
17. Jan 2021, Gewerbemuseum Winterthur


Online Workshop (E)
»Typeknitting with Slipstitches / Typeknitting with Patches«
7. & 8. Nov 2020, Barcelona Knits Festival

Workshop (cancelled)
»Typeknitting Basics«
1.–2. May 2020, Breidagen Amsterdam

Workshop (D)
»Typeknitting Basics – Grundlagen für Typografisches Stricken«
29. Feb & 1. Mar 2020 Swiss Yarn Festival


Workshop (booked out)
»Typeknitting Lab«
30. Nov 2019, De Amsterdamse Steek

Book Presentation
»Book Launch: Typographic Knitting«
29. Nov 2019, De Amsterdamse Steek

»Typeknitting Basics«
23. Nov 2019, Studio S/W Design , Zürich

Book Presentation
Criterion Festival 2019, Speakers Corner
29. March 2019


Student Workshop
»Typeknitting Lab«
BURG Giebichenstein Halle
2.–4. Mai 2018, Klasse Schrift und Typografie,
Prof. Andrea Tinnes


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