Knitting is writing with Wool! Use Typeknitting typefaces to design your own Typographic knitting patterns. 


Knit Grotesk

Knit Grotesk is the first Typeknitting typeface specifically made for slipstitch knitting. Knit Grotesk’s first characters were inspired by a low-res adaptation of Futura (Futur X by Studio Laucke Siebein), while translating it into a hand-knitting pattern. Through this formatting process a whole set of typographic details emerged and evolved into a typeface of its own. The most characteristic element – the vertical line grid – derives from the alternating two-tone double rows used in slipstitch knitting.

With the support of Anton Studer, Knit Grotesk has become a typeface, including a basic set of accents and some alternative letters. The six cuts are the result of three weights combined with a vertical line grid (Stripe) and a blank background (Dot). All the cuts can be combined to create an infinite number of typographic experiences.

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