Typeknitting workshops explore an intuitive combination of analog and digital tools and techniques. This includes basic knitting techniques (slip-stich, patchwork, shadow knitting), on- and offline prototyping, pattern and typeface modifation. If possible, local knitters are involved as technical mentors, to start an ongoing dialogue.


Workshops & Presentations:

Online-Workshop (D)
»Typografisches Stricken mit Hebemaschen«
27. Mar 2021, Gewerbemuseum Winterthur

Online-Workshop (D)
»Typografisches Stricken mit Hebemaschen«
17. Jan 2021, Gewerbemuseum Winterthur

Online Workshop (E)
»Typeknitting with Slipstitches«
7. Nov 2020, Barcelona Knits Festival

Online Workshop (E)
»Typeknitting with Patches« 
8. Nov 2020, Barcelona Knits Festival

Workshop (cancelled)
»Typeknitting Basics«
1.–2. May 2020, Breidagen Amsterdam

Workshop (D)
»Typeknitting Basics – Grundlagen für Typografisches Stricken«
29. Feb & 1. Mar 2020 Swiss Yarn Festival

Workshop (booked out)
»Typeknitting Lab«
30. Nov 2019, De Amsterdamse Steek

Book Presentation
»Book Launch: Typographic Knitting«
29. Nov 2019, De Amsterdamse Steek

»Typeknitting Basics«
23. Nov 2019, Studio S/W Design , Zürich

Book Presentation
Criterion Festival 2019, Speakers Corner
29. March 2019

Student Workshop
»Typeknitting Lab«
BURG Giebichenstein Halle
2.–4. Mai 2018, Klasse Schrift und Typografie,
Prof. Andrea Tinnes


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