Typeknitting workshops explore an intuitive combination of analog and digital tools and techniques. This includes basic knitting techniques (slip-stich, patchwork, shadow knitting), on- and offline prototyping, pattern and typeface modifation. If possible, local knitters are involved as technical mentors, to start an ongoing dialogue.


Workshops & Presentations:

Workshop (D)
»Typografisches Stricken mit Hebemaschen«
27. März 2021, 10–12.30 h (Online)
Gewerbemuseum Winterthur

Workshop (D)
»Typografisches Stricken mit Hebemaschen«
17. January 2021, 10–12.30 h (Online)
Gewerbemuseum Winterthur

Online Workshops (E)
Barcelona Knits Festival

Typeknitting with Slipstitches
Saturday, 7. November 2020, 10–13 h (GMT)

Typeknitting with Patches
Sunday, 8. November 2020, 14–17 h (GMT)

Workshop (cancelled)
Breidagen Amsterdam
1.–2. May 2020

Workshop (D)
Swiss Yarn Festival
29. Februar & 1. March 2020

Workshop (booked out)
De Amsterdamse Steek
30. November 2019, 10–17h

Book Presentation  
De Amsterdamse Steek
29. November, 19h

S/W Design Studio, Zürich
23. November 2019

Book Presentation
Criterion Festival 2019
Speakers Corner
29. March 2019

Student Workshop
BURG Giebichenstein
Klasse Schrift und Typografie
Prof. Andrea Tinnes
2.–4. Mai 2018


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