Typeknitting patterns are developed in collaboration with various knitting and type designers. All previous patterns are contained in the Typeknitting book, more are released on Ravelry

Knit Grotesk ABC Blanket

The Knit Grotesk ABC-Blanket pattern lets you explore the typeface in its different cuts
. Background information, eyecandy and trial fonts on  Knit Grotesk Microsite.

Knit-only version on Ravelry:
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Anti Alias Alphabet

The Anti Alias Alphabet is based on enlarged 10pt-screenshots of the typeface Helvetica, developed by Swiss type designer Max Miedinger in 1957. The letters were translated into repeat patterns for Stranded (2-color) knitting. The pattern can also be adapted for Marling or Patchwork Knitting.

The Anti Alias Alphabet celebrates an imperfect, post-digital interpretation of Anti-Aliasing and bridges it with Johannes Gutenberg invention of movable type. Add some long-needed cosyness to Helvetica and turn your couch into a Movable Type Playground!

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Typographic Mittens

These Typographic Selbu Mittens are an adaptation of Generic Norwegian Mittens by Adrian Bizilia.The pattern contains yarn cryptography: Morse code and Braille is placed on the side and bottom.

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Double-Face Hat

This Typeknitting Double-Face Hat is an adaptation of the pattern The Unexpected by Meret Buetzberger. Use the blank pattern for personal adaptation.

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